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The Major and Courses

With dozens of courses taught by faculty from a range of disciplines, calling the American studies major at PC interdisciplinary would be an understatement.

This interdisciplinary character is exhibited in two ways:

  • Take 12 hours of mandated American studies electives from among a wide variety of courses offered in the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts
  • Also take 12 hours of special American studies seminars in their junior and senior years. These seminars are organized around specific topics in the American experience. They give the concentration its special strength and character

We allow individuals to design their programs according to their own needs and interests. Each student works closely with an advisor to develop a course of studies that will be most individually beneficial. You can concentrate your American studies electives within a single traditional discipline, or you can create your own path by carefully choosing from among the more than 80 courses designed as American studies electives.